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IV Nutrition

Why IV Therapy?

IV therapy is used to directly deliver vitamins, minerals, and other therapeutic

agents into the bloodstream. This bypasses the digestive system and allows for a high concentration of these

nutrients to be delivered right to the cells. 

IV therapy has been found to be beneficial for a wide range of conditions, including: chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, autoimmune disease, cancer treatment side effects, neurological problems, and more.  It can also be used as a general health optimization tool to help improve energy levels, mental clarity, and overall well-being. 


"The Quickie"


Making you feel quenched

This is designed for patients who need to get hydrated, but do not want additional vitamins or medicines. Many suffer from allergies or medical conditions that get this package. If you just need pure fluids for hydration and nothing else, this package is designed for you.


Normal Saline 1000 mL

Happy Window Smile

Get Up and Go!


Making you feel alive

No one has time to struggle with feeling sluggish so this IV drip is loaded with the amino acids and B Vitamins you need to keep up your energy levels. This IV treatment takes care of the chemical changes that cause you to be lethargic, aiding your mental efficiency.


B1,B3 100mg B2,B5,B6 2mg : Glutamine 30mg, Arginine 100mg, Ornithine 50mg, Lysine 50mg, Citrulline 50mg

Cocktail Girl

Most Popular
"Myers Cocktail"

A cure on its own

(Sorry no alcohol included with treatment LOL)

The micronutrient therapy everyone needs especially if you suffer from hangover, fatigue, allergies, autoimmune conditions, migraines, have difficulty absorbing nutrients from poor gut health, or just need general immunity support. 

Ingredients: Magnesium Chl 9.65, Pyridoxine HCL 1.63, Niacinamide 1.62,Calcium gluconate 4.03, Ascorbic Acid 64.4 /mL,Dexpanthenol 4.07, Thiamine HCL 1.62,Riboflavin 5-Phos 3.23,

Pool Cocktails

Add In's and Injections:

Nausea & Pain

(15-30 minutes)

Toradol , anti-inflammatory, non-narcotic pain relief                                                $30

Add to infusion, receive IM
Zofran, anti-nausea                                                                                                        $15

 Add to infusion or receive IM


(strong antioxidants, 15-30 minutes)
Vitamin C, immunity & collagen production                                                         $40

Add to infusion

Glutathione,  reduces severity and duration of illness,

reduces oxidative stress, anti aging, skin brightening                                                $40   Add to infusion     



 "Be Me up Scottie!" Vitamin B12, boost energy, immunity                                       $25 

 (IV Infusion,  IM,)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

 "Be All you Can B" B Complex, boost energy &

 focus, mental clarity, immunity                                                                                   $30

(IV or IM injection)


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