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 Hormone Replacement Treatments (TRT)

Improves Energy

Hormonal imbalance can cause symptoms of feeling sluggish and fatigued. With HRT, you can gain back energy and feel like a younger, healthier version of yourself.

List of symptoms of low testosterone in men

  • Weight gain, especially visceral fat

  • Muscle loss, difficulty gaining lean muscle, and overall weakness

  • Decreased energy, motivation, initiative, and self-confidence

  • Depression, lack of drive, and diminished work performance

  • Fatigue and memory loss

  • Reduced libido, erectile dysfunction, and fewer spontaneous erections

  • Depression, lack of drive, and diminished work performance

What should I do if I have symptoms of low T?

There is no established level for ‘low testosterone,’ only an average level for guys at a certain age, but how these levels affect different men varies greatly. Average testosterone levels depend on who you talk to, what state you are in, and importantly, what your insurance company thinks!

By testing your blood levels, we can assess part of the picture. The numbers are simply numbers without a full assessment. Without the entire picture, you only have a snapshot of the reality.



Consultation 20 minutes

Review concerns and goals and determine if we can help. We use this time to go over products options. 


Men's Health Hormone Appointment

$125 Billed Monthly

60 minute Appointment

  • Basic Labs Included. More advanced lab is additional cost. If needed will discuss at visit. 

  • Testosterone included

  • Other prescriptions and supplements at cost from compound pharmacy. 

  • Follow-up every 8-12 weeks or as needed

  • Direct messaging with provider 

  • Exclusive 'at cost" Thorne products

  • Discuss testosterone treatment and additional services such as growth hormone optimization, and weight loss.

  • Discuss diet and exercise needs


With Weight Loss Add-on
plus cost of medication at cost

See weight loss page for more information.

Peptides Available 

Increase muscle mass and enhance athletic performance 

• Decrease body fat.

• Improve sleep quality.

• Increase cognitive function.

• Quicker recovery times post-injury.

• Increased muscle mass.

• Increase in strength.

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